Sunday, January 6, 2013

Full Moon and Sephiroth Sunset on 28 December 2012

Dear Hearts
On 28 December 2012 again I went to my spot near a rock on property near Young NSW in Australia.

I took some pictures of rising Full Moon in the East.

And I took this photos of The Sun setting in the West at the same time as Full Moon was just rising.
Having Full Moon and the Sun closest to Earth after Solstice created very special energy.

In past trained visionaries Shamans would be able to perceive the light variations. Now the camera may capture this rare light illusions.

I like this picture with many red balls and I think that the orbs are kind of representations of 'the tree of the Sephiroth" that's what I was guided to look for in the books and on Internet next day to explain that picture formation.
Here is what I got,first of all the name"Sephiroth are the luminous balls of light arranged in 3 vertical line( in this case the horizontal line).

The orb above at the top is traditional Crown.

The 3 orbs above the Sun are the masculine energy Kether or Abba known also as the Father energy.

The three balls below the Sun are the female energy Binah or Aima or The Mother.

Notice that the row of tree balls above the Sun they make a triangle with the crown ball.

They will also be the centre of the cross if you connect crown with the middle of the ball below the Sun.

The Sun would than be seating on the Cross or cross roads as in the milky way and this is when the Sun is now in part of our galaxy.
There is also a two triangles merging one pointing down and other pointing up if you connect the outside two balls from top line with the one in the middle of bottom line and same with two outside balls from bottom line with the central ball in the middle top line. So I think it makes kind of Star of David.

There are also less visible 2 balls in between tree balls masculine row and another two in feminine line. They may be the four directions.

But in total there is 11 light balls and The Sun being the 12th light that shines up in the picture.

Here is an interesting website link that I was guided to go into:
You can find more info there. Loving you

Solstice 2012

Dear Hearts

I welcomed the December Solstice 2012 on a property near Young NSW

I went up the road to a spot where I have great view and I took some photos.

Here are some of them from my Solstice Sunrise in Australia.

The Galactic Waves

Dear Hearts
When I read two days ago on Face Book about the outburst of energy from centre of galaxy that you can read in the links below. It reminded me of meditation I had in Peru on 9 November 2011. That I also posted in my previous blog than.

So here is that post about my vision of Galactic wave and why now in 2013 I have chosen this name for new blog.

That evening in the hotel we had first group meditation.
During this meditation I saw a oval shape galaxy it was like seeing it from above and it was made of small bubbles in the centre but than as it was expanding the bubbles were kind of in pairs and getting bigger and bigger further out of the centre.
Than this galaxy flipped vertical as if you were looking at the plate standing up after washing. Than this most amassing thing happened the plate become a shape of letter S and started moving as vibrating or dancing.  I was shown so many other ways of this vibration so hard to describe in words.
This galaxy vibration that I saw , was called- THE GALACTIC WAVES.
My guide also ask me to write this about the natural pool in Aguas Calientes that we were to have swim next day in the evening.
“This pool represents the waters of life, the womb of the mother. You are going back to the womb and have a chance to be reborn. So erase your past and get ready to be born again as the Sun rises over Machu Picchu.”
That night I woke up around 3 am as I did every night there and I had big cleansing vomiting my ‘Last supper’. It was the night before Full Moon so I went outside to meditate in the garden under the Moon that was just next to Jupiter.
Later went to hotel lobby and as no one was on a computer I decided to see my emails. I was just on a face book sharing something about the Galactic Wave and that we were to be reborn as Galactic Human, when the Sun was rising above the mountain behind me and the beams of light started coming through big glass window and were shining directly at my computer screen and letters I was writing. This was such great another sunrise on the morning of 10 November 2011 the day we were going first time to Machu Picchu.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

From Galactic Door To Galactic Wave

Welcome to my new blog Galactic Wave.

Its New 2013Year and I feel guided to begin new wave of sharing posting about spiritual journey.
In 2009 I felt guided to start posting in another blog:

Here are links to my previous posts:
But this served its purpose and Galactic Door is open
& now I will be guided on new Galactic Wave in 2013 & beyond.